The Experience

Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and TV Technology are proud to introduce the Streaming Technology Leadership Summit on October 16th and 17th. Held at the Stewart hotel in Midtown Manhattan, the event is held in conjunction with NY TV Week and in advance of NAB NY. The event is a private, “by invitation” gathering of TV station, group, and network technology executives, pay TV Operators along with internet and enterprise content producers. Summit participants will exchange views and discuss the impact, challenges and opportunities that Streaming video creates for their operations, business models and plans for the future as they ramp up content production and distribution for every screen.


The Difference

The Summit agenda will include four to five panel discussions, many with real world case studies, covering a range of subjects designed to highlight the event sponsors’ workflows and contributions and explore the success and future of streaming video technologies and management services.


The specific focus, title and make-up of each panel will be developed in coordination with, and for the benefit of event sponsors but include the following:


Session 1: New Infrastructures: Deploying Next Generation Media Supply Chains
This panel will provide an overview of the new technologies for revamping infrastructures to help TV companies capitalize on streaming video and digital media opportunities with improved content delivery networks, real-time analytics, quality of service systems, metadata, digital asset management systems, video players, APIs, SDKs, social media integration and other key technologies for producing, creating, monetizing, and distributing content.


Session 2: Live Streaming: From TV to Social Media and Beyond
Streaming live to apps, websites, Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live and other digital platforms offer new opportunities for reaching new audiences with streaming video, news, sports, virtual reality,
and other offerings. This panel will look new technologies for delivering content to those platforms and provide case studies of how stations and networks can capitalize on the rapid growth of live streaming audiences.


Session 3: Streaming Profits: Tech for Monetizing Digital Media
This panel will look at new technologies that are designed to help players turn streaming video operations into profit centers with better systems for advanced advertising, subscription management, pay-per-view, authentication, digital syndication, electronic-sell through, metadata, VOD, and data analytics.


Session 4: Streaming from the Cloud: New Video Workflows
This panel will look the best practices for adopting software as a service and cloud-based technologies for software, streaming video, video encoding, storage, servers, media asset management and other key services. How can these next generation technologies help control costs and improve the quality of streaming video services and what are some of the challenges these technologies pose for existing infrastructures?


Session 5: Know Your Consumer: The Promise of Personalization
To better compete with SVOD and online video providers, TV networks and MVPDs need to find better ways of personalizing the way they deliver video, both in terms of content and the user experience. This panel will explore the role that metadata, media asset management systems, real time data analytics, big data and other technologies are playing in the delivery of better targeted video and ads.