Why Sponsor

Summit attendance is limited to qualified guests. Potential attendees are invited via print and email by Broadcasting & Cable and/or TV Technology. First-time requests to attend will be screened to insure suitability. Summit attendance is capped at 75 vetted guests, plus representatives from the sponsoring companies.


Each sponsor is entitled to one company representative on a panel of their choosing. In addition, Gold and Silver sponsors may invite a customer to give a brief (six to eight minute) case study on their panel. Under some circumstances, sponsor and end-user may appear on different panels.


Sponsors are also encouraged to assist in panel development by identifying articulate customers to participate as a member of any scheduled session.


The Summit strives to provide the following:

  • A forum to discuss how best to compete in the changing marketplace; to leverage technology and regulatory changes for competitive advantage at the station, group or enterprise level.
  • A private networking event for senior media and entertainment executives to meet and share experiences with each other and sponsoring company executives.
  • To create a community of end-users and sponsors able to exchange ideas and opportunities.
  • Provide a platform for executives to learn about current and evolving technologies that may benefit their organizations.
  • Offer discussion panels for executives to share knowledge and for sponsor representatives to highlight their company’s unique solutions.